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Frames Framing Frames

I spent a few days putting the pieces of framework back together in different compositions. It was an interesting process, easy to get lost in, as several of the patterns I created seemed to have the capacity to trail off to to infinity! Eventually, I decided to start refining the designs and consider ways in which I could incorporate them into pieces of jewelry.

The body work I have been working on over the past year has involved extensive exploration of both the function and aesthetics of framework. In the past, I have primarily used the frame to help glorify and highlight focal points in my work. However, I feel it is time to start giving the frame the center stage. In doing so, I thought I’d take a chance, and frame a frame…

I framed a few simple shapes using small scraps of wood. Earrings and pendant set perhaps?

I like the gold color of the original frame, but the raw wood seems a bit drab… needs a little punch of color!

My studio space is not fully equipped to handle a torch quite yet, so I will have to hold off on any metalwork (ie. earring posts, pendant bails, etc.) for the moment. But in the meantime, sticky-tack can do the job! (shall I revive the old craze of  stick-on earrings?!)



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Getting Started (again)

“Getting started, keeping going, getting started again- in art and in life, it seems to me this is the essential rhythm…” -Seamus Haney

I decided to take a few months of creative hiatus after having finished my degree in December. I needed a bit of a break to kick back and be human again, and also to set up a new work space since I no longer have access to my beloved bench at NSCAD! So now that I am all unpacked and (somewhat) organized, I dove right in to some experimentation. I decided to start off slowly with some exercises just to get back into the groove of things.

I have always been drawn to patterns, puzzles, and geometric forms. Admittedly, I was one of those nerdy kids who got way too absorbed in playing with the wooden geometric pattern blocks.

…And even now, years later, I think these are great! A perfect starting point for some creative play. Unfortunately, I no longer own a set, so I made my own version with some leftover paint chips.

I cut the hexagons into smaller segments to make a variety of different shapes.

This was a bit time-consuming, but led to some fun patterns and arrangements. This cut-and-paste method of “sketching” is one of my favorable alternatives to drawing.

While unpacking all my tools and materials into my new workspace, I came face-to-face with my unwieldy collection of old picture frames.  I accumulated a bunch of used frames for my grad exhibition last fall. Most of them are painted white now, but I do still have some gold ones. I knew this question would come eventually, but “what do I do with them now?” Take them back to Value Village..? Surely I can come up with something…

..and thanks to my love of geometric pattern blocks, out came my jeweler’s saw, and one of the frames took on a new fate.

I got so excited about this one!

Lots of fun experimentation… not sure where this will lead..

Stay tuned!

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Welcome! I decided to start a new blog to share the ideas, processes, and inspirations that are important to my current art practice. Having finished my BFA, Major in Jewelry and Metalsmithing at NSCAD this past December, I have a new-found freedom to take the time to explore new ideas and ways of working. No longer being bound by specific requirements and deadlines is both exciting and intimidating; the direction of my practice lies fully in my own hands now.

Over the past couple months I have been setting up a small studio space, and I am very much looking forward to start making again! Working on my own will be different, and lonely, or so I am told, so I invite you to stay in contact, share ideas and inspirations, or just say hello!

Send me a message at

I will still be keeping my other blog but more as a portfolio of documented finished works.

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