Frames Framing Frames

I spent a few days putting the pieces of framework back together in different compositions. It was an interesting process, easy to get lost in, as several of the patterns I created seemed to have the capacity to trail off to to infinity! Eventually, I decided to start refining the designs and consider ways in which I could incorporate them into pieces of jewelry.

The body work I have been working on over the past year has involved extensive exploration of both the function and aesthetics of framework. In the past, I have primarily used the frame to help glorify and highlight focal points in my work. However, I feel it is time to start giving the frame the center stage. In doing so, I thought I’d take a chance, and frame a frame…

I framed a few simple shapes using small scraps of wood. Earrings and pendant set perhaps?

I like the gold color of the original frame, but the raw wood seems a bit drab… needs a little punch of color!

My studio space is not fully equipped to handle a torch quite yet, so I will have to hold off on any metalwork (ie. earring posts, pendant bails, etc.) for the moment. But in the meantime, sticky-tack can do the job! (shall I revive the old craze of  stick-on earrings?!)



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2 responses to “Frames Framing Frames

  1. claire, those earrings are incredible!! ❤

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