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First Month in Toronto

I couldn’t believe it when I turned the page on my calendar to August! July seems to have come and gone in a total whirlwind; it has been quite the month. I left Halifax for Toronto near the end of June, and began my residency at Harbourfront Centre shortly after arriving. It has been a busy and exciting month of exploring, meeting new people, and adjusting to a new city and studio space. So far, so good! I’m really enjoying the residency. The work environment is more than ideal; I am surrounded by a diverse group of talented artists working in a variety of media including metal, ceramics, glass, and textiles. It is stimulating and inspiring, to say the least. It is nice to be back working in a communal studio; while our work is completely independent self-directed, I appreciate the company of studio mates.

Harbourfront Centre is located right on the waterfront of Lake Ontario. I like to hang out on the boardwalk on my breaks because it reminds me a little bit of home… except the air isn’t salty and there’s no fog..I never thought I would miss the fog!

Harbourfront Centre- view from the boardwalk

Jewelry Studio

After moving all my tools and supplies into the studio, I was anxious to pick up where I left off with some of ideas I had been playing around with at my studio back home. Now that I have access to a torch I can refine some experiments into finished pieces.

Continuing with the idea of cutting up framework, and piecing it back together in new compositions, I made three pieces. The designs are quite simple.

Pendant- Copper, wood, recycled picture frames, paint.

Pendant and Brooch



I wanted to try using gold enamel paint on the wood instead of the matte acrylic colors I had been using previously. I’m not completely satisfied with the outcome. The result is quite lustrous, perhaps a bit too much for my liking. I feel that by using the gold paint I am making a direct reference to gilded framework, however, I would like my explorations of framework to be more like abstract re-interpretations, rather than an obvious imitations. I may return to color again soon.

I am well underway with another project. I have begun to work with the idea of the cameo, creating various sized ovals that contain fragments of framework as opposed to a portrait or landscape. I plan to make settings for each of the frame cameos, possibly using a cluster to create a large neckpiece. As individual pieces, I think they might make interesting brooches… I still have some designing to do, but here is a sneak-peek:

Frame cameos- works in-progress

Frame cameos- works in progress.


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