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New Work: Framework Cameos

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busily working on creating some new pieces using fragments of old framework in cameo forms. I combined different decorative borders from various picture frames, and glued them together in parallel lines on a flat wood surface, which I shaped into oval forms.

Framework cameos in progress.

After making a bunch of cameo forms, I began to design a setting. I was planning to make a large neckpiece made up of several cameos, so I needed to make a lightweight setting so the finished piece would not be too heavy.

I ended up making one large neckpiece, two brooches, and three single cameo neckpieces.

I spent a long time trying to settle for a chain for this neckpiece. After much debate, I ended up hand-fabricating the chain and findings.

Neckpiece- Copper, brass, wood, recycled picture frames, paint.


Brooches- Copper, wood, recycled picture frames, paint.


Neckpiece- Copper, brass, wood, recycled picture frames, paint.


I really enjoyed making this little collection of work. During the process I started to become more intrigued by the side profile of the framework fragments than the decorative surfaces. As always, curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to see what would happen if I started to deconstruct one of my cameos… so I started with a little cross-section:

Cameo cross-section

…And from there I continued to dissect the cameo. I am fascinated by all the interesting forms that emerged. Until now, I’ve mostly been focusing on the decorative surface elements of framework, so I’ve decided to switch gears a bit and spend some time exploring framework from a more sculptural perspective. Here’s a peek at some of my explorations!



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