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Sculptural Framework Series

My explorations of framework began with the intention to draw all focus toward the picture frame as homage to the fine work that typically occupies the outer edge of a focal point. I wanted to showcase the frame as the main subject in a context where its original function becomes irrelevant, and it can be viewed simply for its aesthetic qualities. In my Framework Cameo series, the contours of the panels of framework are left exposed, offering the viewer a perspective of the frame that is usually concealed by its function.

I was intrigued by the interesting shapes revealed through the cross-sections of the frames, so I decided to begin examining the framework from a more sculptural perspective. I tried to highlight the contours of the cross-sections by putting together multiple planes, and by creating strong contrasting elements.

Panels of framework are combined to form one plane.

Experimenting with cross-sections.

I made a series of three-dimensional forms that can be appreciated from all angles. From these,  I made several pendants in various sizes, and a pair of earrings.

Pendant (view 1)

Pendant (view 2)

Pendant (view 3)

Pendants in different sizes.


I think there is much more I can do to explore the sculptural potential of framework, but lately I have been thinking a lot about my painting practice (which I have been neglecting for months now!) and how I would like to revisit its relationship to my current jewelry practice. In a body of work I produced about a year ago called Magnified I worked towards merging my two practices by actually cutting and removing small sections of my paintings and recontextualizing them into the realm of jewelry.  I would like to return to this concept, but try to push it further.

Painting, for me, has always been a flat, two-dimensional form of expression, but lately I’ve been feeling an urge to cause an upheaval to my paintings! I want to see what happens if I chop one up, and piece it back together as a three-dimensional form. In preparation for my plunge into some exciting new explorations, I thought I’d play around a bit by creating some models. I used foam-core board, which has a similar thickness to the wood I like to paint on. I have no idea where this path will lead, but making some fun little forms can sometimes help to work through the apprehensions of starting something new. Stay tuned! : )



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