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In Progress…

Since my last post, I have been busily working away on some new pieces. I decided it was time to revisit my painting practice, and how it can be incorporated into my jewelry work. Getting started on some new paintings took some time, but it felt good to dust off my paints and pick up some brushes again. Even more satisfying has been cutting sections out of my paintings, and using the pieces to build new forms. In my last post, I mentioned how I wanted to try to break away from the flatness I associate with the nature of painting on a two-dimensional surface. In exploring this idea, I decided to start by breaking up the plane of a simple form. I have been using oval shapes in my work for quite some time now, so it seemed like a good place to start. The simple plane change I have made to the oval is really starightforward, but I also wanted to re-examine my use of “framework”, and how it functions aesthetically and conceptually in my work. I find that starting simple is really helpful in developing more dynamic forms over time.

Here’s some recent snapshots from the studio:


modified cameo shapes

Modified cameo shapes


Test frame

Test frame (alternate view).

Test frame (alternate view)

Excerpts from my painting.

Excerpts from my painting.

I am currently working on making pieces that will be part of a group exhibition at Harbourfront Centre in mid January. I will post more details and another sneak-peak soon! : )



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