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The Device: Looking at Repetition

Last weekend, the exhibition The Device opened at Harbourfront Centre. This is a group exhibition featuring work of myself and three other artists-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre. Despite working in different mediums, there is a common thread amongst our work: repetition. Prior to being asked to participate in this show, I had not really considered the role of repetition in either my work or my artistic practice. It proved to be extremely worthwhile to reflect on the idea of repetition, and how it does, in fact, play a major part in my creative processes from beginning to end.

This is my artist statement from the show:

The act of repetition is often the starting point for my work. The process of abstracting oval-shaped sections from my paintings has become a contemplative examination of form within the context of both painting and jewelry. The consistent use of a simple shape creates a framework within which I can explore variation through size, color, and material while maintaining visual continuity. It also serves as a control, forcing technical refinement as the hand and eye become increasingly accustomed with the repetition of certain processes. In seeking to create visual rhythm within my work, my compositions often involve gradual and successive manipulation of form. This is also a reflection of my undying curiosity to uncover new potential among that which becomes familiar through repetition, be it a simple shape, or an artistic practice as a whole.

Here are some quick photos of my work in the show. I will post some better-quality images soon!






Now that the show is up, I have begun working on some smaller pieces based off of these larger “show pieces”.

Here’s a peek at some earrings I made this past week:


Stay tuned for more! : )


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