Working through procrastination

I have to confess that although I’ve been keeping busy, I have also been procrastinating. Picking up my paintbrush to start some new paintings has been building up into a very daunting and intimidating task…it’s been a while since I last painted, and putting it off is only making me anxiously question my practice and use of paint further. Not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose, but really, I think I just need to go ahead and dive back into it, and shove all apprehension aside!

In the meantime (while avoiding painting), I have been productive in designing a new pair of earrings that I plan to produce in a limited production! They are based off of some of my recent neckpieces that utilize angular components.


I have also been continuing to play with different compositions in wax (which can be later cast in metal). Possible booch or neckpiece components…


And lastly, I took a plunge into exploring some completely new forms- tiny synclastic oval forms. I am very curious about re-exploring the direct application of paint on metal, but within a concave or partially enclosed form. I extensively explored the use of oil paint on metal when I was in my third year of my undergrad. It was a challenging investigation (see post on my former blog), but I may revisit it at some point.




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