Repeat, Repeat

I’ve been working on producing a small limited production of a recent earring design I came up with. I decided to fabricate each pair instead of using casting because the metal is thin, and easy to manipulate. Fabricating each pair enabled me to allow for a bit of variation between each pair. The basic design is the same for each pair, but the angles of the shapes vary slightly. If you are interested in a pair, you can contact me at, or stay tuned for the opening of my online shop! …


I am also excited to be able to say that I have finally ended my painting hiatus! I got back to my easel this week, just started with something small, but at least it’s a start! : )


I have been  gathering up ideas for some new pieces that will be made from this painting. After making my limited production earrings, I am looking forward to bringing my painting back in to some more elaborate, one-off pieces!


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