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1506504_1395423607377407_1365952279_nAlthough I have a tendency to have minimal patience towards anything computer related, I have to admit, I find myself continually enthused by the power of social media to create connections among people and ideas the world over. It amazes me how the limitations of physical distance that separates people can often be overcome or minimized through the internet, sometimes making the world feel a little less overwhelming, and a lot more accessible.

Through the use of Facebook, I recently had the opportunity to get involved in an exciting new project: The Jewelry Exchange 2014, organized by Olga Raben, a jeweler based in Sweden. The idea of the project is to be paired with another trained jeweler somewhere in the world, with whom you will exchange a piece of handmade jewelry. Each artist is given twelve weeks to create and send the piece to their partner, and must also include a story about the work and his/herself. The work will be photographed worn by the recipient, and included in an online exhibition.

Close to 400 artists are participating in this project. What a great way to forge connections among a diverse network of jewelers all around the world!

I was absolutely thrilled to find that I am paired with Montserrat Lacomba, a talented maker and curator based in Gerona, Spain. She makes beautiful jewels that are often bright and full of color, and also curates a very extensive blog of contemporary jewelry that I have frequented on many occasions over the past few years. Take some time to check out her work, and to visit her blog– it is such a wonderful resource.

I feel very fortunate to be participating in this exchange, and am looking forward to creating a piece to send off to Montserrat! : )




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