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From object to wearable object…

After spending a few months creating a collection of sculptural objects, I have been feeling inclined to transition many of  my designs into wearable pieces of jewelry. Taking the time away from jewelry to focus on sculptural objects allowed me to find freedom within my processes, and to hone in on my intuition as a maker. The resulting sculptural works form a great foundation of aesthetic and structural inspiration to draw upon as I continue my jewelry explorations.

Here are a few new pieces I have been working on.

008. Angular Brooches

Angular Brooches. Brass, copper, paint. 2014

09. Cluster Pendant

Cluster Pendant. Bronze, cord. 2014


Brooch (left) bronze, steel, 2014.
Pendants (top, and bottom right) bronze, 2014.


Cluster Pendant. Bronze, sterling silver. 2014.

More to come; stay tuned! : )


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