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News and Updates!

I’ve been keeping quite busy this past little while making work for upcoming shows, and preparing applications for future exhibitions. I have some exciting projects and opportunities on the horizon!

A few weeks ago, several new shows opened at Harbourfront Centre. I am part of an exhibition called “Show-Off”, featuring work by a selection of current artist-in-residents.  I created a large neck piece for this show titled “Moments”; it is  made up of three post-card sized paintings on metal. For the display, I decided to include the remainder of paintings alongside the neck piece. Below are some studio snapshots of the piece in progress, and a couple of shots of the finished piece (I will post better photos soon!).


photo 3photo 2photo 1

I recently sent off two other neck pieces and paintings to a show in the US (my first international show!) at the Lillstreet Art Centre in Chicago, IL. My work is part of “Earthly Delights: Metalsmiths Inspired by Nature”- a showcase of jewelry and sculpture that runs in conjunction with the gallery’s annual “Art and the Urban Garden” show. The exhibition opens tomorrow, April 25th, and runs until June 1st.


In less than a month, I will be heading off on a very exciting adventure. I am going to Italy to take a short workshop at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School of Florence. The workshop is about the use of pigments on metal, with focus on the exploration of various materials and methods to achieve color on metal. It seems like a really good fit for the current direction of my work. The instructor is jeweler Lucia Massei; she makes such beautiful work!
I went to Florence with my family when I was younger, and truly fell in love with it; I’m so grateful to have the chance to go again (although I’m worried I might not want to come home!).

This year I am participating in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, an annual show that takes place outdoors at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto July 4-6th. I am very excited (and nervous) about this opportunity; it will be my first big show of this type, and will be a great challenge for me to undertake at this point in my career. I have begun prototyping some new production pieces based off of my collection of small-scale sculpture…and already keeping my fingers crossed for good weather! ; )

Lastly, I have a real website in the works! A wonderful designer and web developer I went to school with at NSCAD is in the process of creating a real website for me! I will still be keeping my blog, but will have a nicely organized homepage and portfolio.

Stay tuned! : )








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