With a longstanding interest in painting, and a formal background in metalsmithing, my practise centers on seeking a balance in merging these two disciplines. Through much material research and exploration, my work reflects my attempt to challenge the limits of what I know to be familiar to both mediums, and how they can meet to create unity in something new.

My current work contemplates the act of thinking and remembering -how it is often scattered, fragmented, and capable of rousing strong emotions.  I seek to create work that embodies some sort of emotive quality that does not have to be easily identified, or defined, but is open for the viewer to relate to, and connect with through personal reflection.

The starting point for much of my work  is the deconstruction of my paintings into a multitude of tiny shapes that become curiously evocative upon isolation. The fragments never capture a truly lucid recollection of a whole, but rather become an elusive glimpse of something past. Often mounting and connecting the painted forms in carefully constructed metal framework, I create compositions that suggest traditional elements of jewellery design, yet subtly edge into the territory of fine art.


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