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“Studious” Exhibition at Harbourfront Centre

Last Friday was the opening of “Studious” at Harbourfront Centre. It was truly wonderful to see everyone’s work come together to form a cohesive and intriguing show. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to exhibit my work alongside artists in a wide array of media, all of whom push the boundaries of their discipline.


Rachael Wong (left back wall); George Cho (front left); Marianne Burlew (front right).


Lizz Aston (back wall); Marianne Burlew (front).


Patrycja Zwierzynska (left wall); Amanda McCavour (back installation); George Cho (front).


Amanda McCavour (back); George Cho (front).


Jay Joo



K. Claire MacDonald (front) Jay Joo (back)
Photo by Tom Bilenky

Check out more fabulous work by each other the artists in the show:

Lizz Aston, Marianne Burlew, George Cho, Jay Joo, Amanda McCavour, Rachael Wong, and Patrycja Zwierzynska.

Here are some detailed shots of my work:


Encapsulated. Brass, paint. 2013.


Little House. Copper, paint, 2013.


Heartleaf. Copper, Paint. 2013.
Little House. Copper, Paint, 2013.


Still There. Copper, paint, 2013.

IMG_1213 - Version 3

Wind and Water. Copper, brass, paint. 2013.


Between Suns. Copper, brass, paint. 2014.


Blissful Distance (view 1). Brass, paint, 2014.


Blissful Distance (view 2)


Ancestry. Brass, paint, 2014.


Amid. Brass, paint, 2014.

“Studious” is up until April 6th, 2014. If you are in the Toronto are, stop by for a visit! : )


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Being “Studious”

The past couple months have been a busy time of exploration, and transition; I have been delving full force into creating a new body of work for an upcoming exhibition, and have relocated my work space once again, back to the newly renovated studio at Harbourfront Centre. It was great to start off the New Year in a fresh new workspace!

My latest body of work will be part of an exhibition called Studious opening this Friday evening at Harbourfront Centre. I am really excited to be part of this show, and to have the opportunity to exhibit my work alongside some very talented artists whose work I greatly admire. Our show is also featured as part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.
I have taken a bit of a leap with my new work, and will be showing a collection of small scale sculptural works. The shift away from functional jewelry into sculpture has been an exciting diversion that has prompted me to re-examine and further develop the relationship between various facets of my studio practise.
Here is a sneak peek for the show. Stay tuned for more! : )

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Side-stepping Into New Territory

I have been without access to the studio for the past two months due to renovations, and have had to improvise a bit in attempt to work at home. I decided to take this as a challenge to explore and incorporate different processes that could allow me to sidestep the limitations of not having a torch. It has proven to be a great opportunity to switch things up, and move my work in a new direction. I am currently wrapped up in the beginnings of a new body of work that will be exhibited at the York Quay Gallery at Harbourfront Centre in January.

Recently, I have shifted focus from jewellery to small-scale sculpture, and have really been enjoying the freedom my explorations. My painting practice has taken on an important role in these new works, and the process as a whole has become more intuitive. My painting and metalsmithing practices seem to have formed a new unification that I am quite excited about.

Here are a couple sneak-peek shots of some works in progress. Stay tuned! : )





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